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臺語拼音及漢字 Word/Phrase Explanations
8 標示鼻音音節之起頭 (ref: 8_00) '8' denotes the beginning of a nasal syllable.
8be5 o3, 8pe5 o3 澎湖 (ref: 8be5_00) Pescadores the Pescadores islands
8ce5 8me3 ge2 a4 do1 dio6 tang3 瞎明雞子啄到蟲 (ref: 8ce5_00) luck blind luck: to have good blind luck (just like a blind chicken that happens to peck on a worm by luck)
8ce5 8sa1, bai4 8sa 星三,拜三 (ref: -) time Wednesday
8ce5 gong3! 瞎匆! (ref: -) hurry What's the hurry!
8da1 a1 mi5 攤子麵,擔子麵 (ref: 8da1_00) food roadside stand noodle
8gia1 a4 兒子 (ref: -) family son
8gia1 bhin3, zu1 bhin3 子民 (ref: -) people people, citizen, subject
8gia5 ge5 tao3 ru3 8gia3 zao4 ka1 走街頭如走竈腳 (ref: 8gia5_00) street to be street-wise; to have walked the streets as often as one has walked his own kitchen.
8gua6 8dia5, dieng6 hun1 提訂,訂婚 (ref: 8gua6_00) engage to be engaged
8hia5 di5 兄弟 (ref: -) family brothers
8kua4 bhang5 看望 (ref: -) visit to visit, to visit with a purpose of making sure someone is ok or to see how someone is
8kua4 bhe6 dio4 看不到 (ref: -) see not able to see, not able to be seen
8kua6 看 (ref: -) see to see, to look,to watch
8mu6 7bha1 ... gui6 不曾 。。。 過 (ref: -) experience to have never experienced ...
8mu6 si6 gan5 na1 ... 不是僅子 。。。 (ref: -) not only It is not only that ...
8seng5 8ghiu5 8ghiu1, 8di5 bhu1 bhu5, pang5 qieng4 qieng6, ko1 de6 de4, giam5 7do1 7do5, cao4 8hi5 8hi1, hiang5 gi5 gi1 酸溜溜,甜茹茹,香沁沁,苦茶茶,鹹漬漬,臭醺醺,辛吱吱 (ref: 8seng5_00) senses squeaky-squeaky sour, kissing-kissing sweet, hearty-hearty aromatic, tea-tea bitter, pickle-pickle salty, steamy-steamy stinky, giggle-giggle spicy
8siu6 8kua4 mai5 想看覓 (ref: 8siu6_00) think over to think it over, to give it a thought
8siu6 bhe1 想要 (ref: -) intent to want to, to intend to
8siu6 ki6 想氣 (ref: -) mad to be angry, to get mad
8ti1 o5 o1, bhe1 le6 ho5; dua6 hong5 cui1, hai1 yieng4 gun3. 天烏烏,要落雨;大風吹,海浪滾。 (ref: 8ti1_00) poem The sky darkens and it is going to rain; the wind blows and the waves are rolling.
8tia5 ... zu6 ben6 聽 。。。 自便 (ref: -) please as ... please(s)
8wa1 ge1, re6 jieng3 e5 8wa1 ge1, siao4 len5 lang3 re6 jieng3 e5 8wa1 ge1 碗糕,熱情的碗糕,少年人熱情的碗糕 (ref: 8wa1_00) stuff that thing called ..., the stuff called ..., the stuff called passion, the stuff called young men's passion
8wa1 ge1, sa1 mi1 8wa1 ge1? 8wa1 ge5 bhi5, ho5 lo3 lai6 de4 wu6 si1 mi1 yo2 a4? 碗糕,什麼碗糕?碗糕味,葫蘆裏底有什麼藥子? (ref: 8wa1_01) sleights of hand What sleights of hand are in his sleeves? What fun stuff is in store? What magics are in his medical gourd? Let me see ...
8wa6 7ji6 le5 7ga1 do5 lai5 8kua6 換一個角度來看 (ref: -) view to look from a different perspective, (lit. to change to another angle to look)

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