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(Taiwanese) Su4 hong6 sin3 侍奉神 (English) serve God<> (Word/Phrase) religion<> t000411<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) su5 mi4 na3 斯密拿 (English) Smyrna (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000547<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Su6 bhu1 事物 (English) matters, objects<> (Word/Phrase) matter<> t000412<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Su6 bhu5 事務 (English) business<> (Word/Phrase) business<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Su6 gi1 事跡 (English) deeds, events, doings<> (Word/Phrase) deeds<> t000413<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Su6 hong5 侍奉 (English) serve, wait upon<> (Word/Phrase) serve<> t000409<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Sua6 lue6 ki6 續落去, 續下去 (English) afterward, and then, next<> (Word/Phrase) typical<> t000414<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Suan4 lai6 選來 (English) select (to serve some purpose), to be selected (to serve some purpose)<> (Word/Phrase) select<> t000415<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Suan5 bo4 wui5 宣佈爲 (English) announce to be, to be announced to be<> (Word/Phrase) proclaim<> t000416<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Suan5 bo6 宣佈 (English) announce, to be announced<> (Word/Phrase) proclaim<> t000417<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Suan5 jio1 7cu5 lai6 宣招出來 (English) call forward, to be called forward<> (Word/Phrase) proclaim<> t000418<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Suan5 yong3 宣揚 (English) to proclaim, to advocate<> (Word/Phrase) proclaim<> t000419<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) sui1 dang5 dang1 水噹噹 (English) pretty<> (Word/Phrase) typical<> t000420<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Sui5 jen3, sui5 ren3 雖然 (English) though, although, despite the fact that , in spite of<> (Word/Phrase) though<> t000421<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Sun5 giu5 bhan6 bang1 尋求萬邦 (English) search over all nations<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000422<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) T (English) <> (Word/Phrase) <> t000423<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) ta1, ta6 ce5 讀,讀冊 (English) to read, to study<> (Word/Phrase) read<> t000039<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) ta5 ma4 塔瑪 (English) Tamar (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000590<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Tai4 7gi1 gun3, tai4 7gie1 gun3 太極拳 (English) taijiquan, shadow boxing, a form of peaceful martial art invented by Chinese<> (Word/Phrase) sport<> t000424<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) tai4 ren5 ni3 太然尼 (English) Tyrannus (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) tai5 o4 臺爾 (English) Tyre (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000656<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) tao3 ka1 dua6 sin1! 頭較大身! (English) Trouble! Something or somethings worry you that much that your head swells to become larger than your body!<> (Word/Phrase) trouble<> tao3_00<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) te5 ji1 go1 提及格 (English) Tychicus (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Te6 giong1 (deng4 ze4 mieng5 qi3 yien5), te6 giong1 e5 gi5 hui5 提供(當做名詞用),提供的機會 (English) offer (noun), the opportunity offered<> (Word/Phrase) opportunity<> t000425<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) ten1 hieng3 gen6, gun5 zu4 yi1 zu6 giong3 bu1 si1 天行健,君子以自強不息。 (English) The heavenly bodies keep going strong, so shall we persevere in striving for the better (of all mankinds.)<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> ten1_00<> T<-> t

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