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(Taiwanese) gai1 ben6 改變 (English) to change<> (Word/Phrase) change<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gai4 die1 蓋德 (English) Gad (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gai5 you3 該由 (English) Gaius (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gam1 e6 敢會 (English) Is it possible that ... .<> (Word/Phrase) wonder<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gam1 ga1, gam1 ka1 感覺 (English) to feel<> (Word/Phrase) feel<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gam1 jiao1 感召 (English) to summon by touching someone's heart<> (Word/Phrase) summon<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gam1 sia5 感謝 (English) to be grateful<> (Word/Phrase) grateful<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gam1 sia6 sin3 感謝神 (English) to thank God<> (Word/Phrase) thank<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gam5 8di1 甘甜 (English) sweet<> (Word/Phrase) taste<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gam5 ghuan5, sin5 gam1 jieng5 ghuan5 甘願,心甘情願 (English) willingly, with the whole heart<> (Word/Phrase) will<> gam5_00<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gan1 dan1 簡單 (English) simple<> (Word/Phrase) simple<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gan5 na5 8siu6 bhe1 僅子想要 (English) to only want to, to simply want to<> (Word/Phrase) simply<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gan5 sia3 奸邪 (English) tricky, wicked<> (Word/Phrase) bad<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gan5, sia3, tam1, za6 奸,邪,貪,詐 (English) sneaky, wicked, greedy, tricky<> (Word/Phrase) bad<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gang6 pue1 e1, gang6 te1 e1 同信的, 同梯的 (English) of the same draft, of the same list, comrades, (affinitives: solders will refer to each other as 'of the same draft' or 'of the same list' even if they are actually not just to show their closeness.)<> (Word/Phrase) comrade<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gao1 gan4 8kua4 lang3 ge5 狗眼看人低 (English) to treat others lowly the way a dog looks at a person and thinks that person is lower than himself, the dog, is<> (Word/Phrase) dog<> gao1_00<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gao6 到 (English) the 'to' in 'from ... to ... '<> (Word/Phrase) to<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) ge5 le4 ho5 格列佛 (English) Gulliver<> (Word/Phrase) Gulliver<> ge5_00<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) ge5 mo5 la1 哥摩拉 (English) Gomorrah (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) ge5 se5 ma1 ni3 哥西馬尼 (English) Gethsemane (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gen4 duan6 間斷 (English) to stop, to discontinue<> (Word/Phrase) stop<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gen4 siao3 慚羞 (English) to feel shame, to be shameful<> (Word/Phrase) shame<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) gen5 giong3 堅強 (English) to be strong<> (Word/Phrase) strong<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Gh (English) <> (Word/Phrase) <> t000201<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) ghen4 tao3, tao5 ka5 ghen4 ghen6 願頭,頭殼願願 (English) to be hard-headed, to be stubborn in meaningless ways, to show off meanlinglessly<> (Word/Phrase) stubborn<> -<> T<-> t

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