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(Taiwanese) Jiu6, de6 就 (English) at that moment, to be about to, in that case<> (Word/Phrase) time<> t000305<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) jo1 se4 ya4 卓細雅 (English) Josiah (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000623<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) jo1 sen6 卓善 (English) Jotham (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000618<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) K (English) <> (Word/Phrase) <> t000307<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Ka5 da6 qia1 脚踏車 (English) bibycle<> (Word/Phrase) transportation<> t000259<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) ka5 siao3; sa1 mi1 ka5 siao3? 腳數;什麽腳數? (English) thing; what sort of thing is this? person; what sort of person is this? (used in a depreciating sense)<> (Word/Phrase) thing<> t000660<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) kai5 po1 nam3 開普南 (English) Capernaum (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000626<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) kai5 yi5 hua1 開亦發 (English) Caiaphas (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000677<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) kan5 di5 ge1 牽豬哥 (English) to walk the studpig, to walk the studpig like a pet, to mix up with a studmale, to mix up with a gigolo<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000599<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) kan5 na5 nai4 lang3 堪拿耐人 (English) Canaanite (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000680<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) kan5 nai4 rin3 堪奈人 (English) Cananaean (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000638<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) kan5 qiu4, lao6 kan5 qiu4 牽手,老牽手 (English) wife, old wife, spouse, old spouse (literally means 'holding hand'.)<> (Word/Phrase) family<> t000520<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Ke1 bi1 gong4 可比講 (English) for example<> (Word/Phrase) example<> t000308<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Ki1 hang3 起航 (English) to start a journey, (a ship) to depart<> (Word/Phrase) navigation<> t000310<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Ki1 sieng1, ki1 sieng1 e5 si3 起先,起先的時 (English) at the beginning, when it started<> (Word/Phrase) begin<> t000311<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Ki5 bhong6 liong5 di1 欺罔良知 (English) to deceive the conscience<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000312<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Ki6 去 (English) to go<> (Word/Phrase) go<> t000313<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Ko5 le2 a4, sio1 7su2 la4 吹囉子,小卒子 (English) the insignificant followers of a gang<> (Word/Phrase) pawn<> t000314<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Ko5 si1 a4 口哨子 (English) to whistle<> (Word/Phrase) whistle<> t000315<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Kong5 hong1 be6 hu4 狂風暴雨 (English) ferocious rain and wind storm<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000309<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Kuan4 zo4 勸阻 (English) to advise against<> (Word/Phrase) against<> t000316<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Kuan5 ao5 jin5 ci3 寬厚仁慈 (English) to be honest and merciful, to have a honest and merciful heart<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000317<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Kui5 8ti1 pi6 de5 開天闢地 (English) the start of the universe, the start of the heaven and the earth; the Genesis<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000318<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) L (English) <> (Word/Phrase) <> t000319<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) La4 ..., la4 ..., la4 ..., zu5 lui5 啦 。。。 啦 。。。 之類 (English) etc...etc...<> (Word/Phrase) typical<> t000320<> T<-> t

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