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(Taiwanese) cai4 qi2 a4 bhe6 cai6 e6, cai4 8da1 a4 菜市子買菜的,菜攤子 (English) vegetable vendor, a vegetable vendor's stall in the market place<> (Word/Phrase) market<> cai4_01<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) cai4 qi2 a4 bhe6 da5 hui6 e6, 7za6 hui4 diam1 a4 菜市子賣乾貨的,雜貨店子 (English) a dry goods vendor, a grocery store<> (Word/Phrase) market<> cai4_02<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) cai4 qi2 a4 bhe6 hi3 e5, hi5 8da1 a4 菜市子買魚的,魚攤子 (English) fish vendor, a fish vendor's stall in the market place<> (Word/Phrase) market<> cai4_03<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) cai4 qi2 a4 bhe6 zui1 ge4 e6, zui1 ge1 8da1 a4 菜市子賣水果的,水果攤子 (English) fruit vendor, a fruit vendor's stall in the market place<> (Word/Phrase) market<> cai4_04<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) can5 rin4, zan5 rin4 殘忍 (English) brutal, atrocious<> (Word/Phrase) brutal<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) cao1 me1 a4 lang6 ge5 gang1 草螞子逗雞公 (English) The weak play tricks on the strong. In this case, a grasshopper flirts with a cock.<> (Word/Phrase) grasshopper<> cao1_00<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) co4 a5 su1 措阿斯 (English) Troas (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) co4 sieng1 畜生 (English) brute<> (Word/Phrase) beast<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) cong5 mieng3 e5 聰明的 (English) smart<> (Word/Phrase) smart<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) cong5 mieng3 huan1 ho6 cong5 mieng3 o6 聰明反被聰明誤 (English) to be hindered or destroyed by one's own smartness<> (Word/Phrase) smart<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) cu1 8se1, cu1 8si1, cu1 sieng1, cu1 si6 , cu1 se6 出生,出世 (English) to be born<> (Word/Phrase) born<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) cu1 hua5 出發 (English) to depart on a journey, to start to go, to begin a (running, walking, flying, rowing, sailing, etc.) race<> (Word/Phrase) depart<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) cu4 jiao1 a4 厝鳥子,屋鳥子 (English) sparrow<> (Word/Phrase) sparrow<> cu4_00<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) cui5 li3, bun5 li3 吹離 (English) to blow away<> (Word/Phrase) blow<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) D (English) <> (Word/Phrase) <> t000130<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) dai5 tao3 dai5 nao4, nao1 gin1 sio4 do4 sio4 do6 呆頭呆腦,腦筋秀凸秀凸 (English) stupid, to have a short in the brain<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) dai5 wan3 台灣,臺灣 (English) Taiwan<> (Word/Phrase) Taiwan<> dai5_00<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) dai5 wan5 lang3 (ghuan5 zu4 bhieng3, he5 le1 lang3, ke4 lang3, ghua6 sieng1 a4, ghua6 jie1 sin5 niu3), dai6 lio6 ke5, ghua6 go1 lang3, a5 do1 a4 台灣人(原住民,河洛人,客人,外省子,外籍新娘),大陸客,外國人,阿凸子 (English) Taiwanese people (the Aboriginals, the He-Luo people whose ancestors came with General Zheng Chenggong at the end of the Ming Dynasty, the Hakka, the Other-Provincers who or whose ancestors came with President Jiang Zhongzheng at the end of the civil war during the 1940's, the imported brides), the oversea Chinese, the Mainland China guests, foreigners, the Protruding Noses (Westerners -- as compared with Taiwanese or some other people's having flat noses)<> (Word/Phrase) Taiwan<> dai5_01<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) dai6 lio1 大陸 (English) Mainland China<> (Word/Phrase) China<> dai6_00<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) dai6 wui4 ong3 大衛王 (English) King David<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) dan4 ni5 o4 旦尼爾 (English) Daniel (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) dan5 lui5 gong1 響雷公 (English) to thunder<> (Word/Phrase) thunder<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) dan5 zui1 le3 響水螺 (English) to sound the siren<> (Word/Phrase) siren<> dan5_00<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) dan6 si5 但是 (English) but, however<> (Word/Phrase) but<> -<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) de4 bieng4 倒翻 (English) turned over, the opposite<> (Word/Phrase) overturn<> -<> T<-> t

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