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(Taiwanese) jia6 kun4 tao5 ge1 吃睏頭家 (English) with room and board to be taken care of by the boss -- as a condition of employment or apprenticeship in the old Taiwanese tradition<> (Word/Phrase) tradition<> jia6_00<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) jia6 tao5 ge1, kun4 tao5 ge5 niu3 吃頭家,睏頭家娘 (English) with room to be furnished by the wife of the boss and the meals to be furnished by the boss -- an extemely popular for-the-fun-of-saying-it joke, not to take seriously but as something fun to say: when someone was hired in the old Taiwanese boss-apprentice tradition, there was an agreement as to how the apprentice's room and board (his meals and a place for him to stay) would be furnished, and when they were to be taken care of by the boss, the apprentice might jokingly tell his friends that he would eat with the boss and sleep with the wife of the boss (not to offend anyone, but just for the fun of saying it), which everybody knew was not to be taken seriously.<> (Word/Phrase) tradition<> jia6_01<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jiam4 … ban6 yi3 占 。。。 便宜 (English) to take advantage of ...<> (Word/Phrase) advantage<> t000288<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) jiam5 mu1 su5 詹姆士 (English) James (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000644<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jiao4 鳥 (English) bird, birds<> (Word/Phrase) animal<> t000289<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) jie1 bo5 澤佈 (English) Zebulun (biblic)<> (Word/Phrase) Bible<> t000576<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jieng4 7di5 e5 正直的 (English) righteous, the righteous<> (Word/Phrase) religion<> t000290<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jieng4 gue1 7die6 gue1, jieng4 dao5 7die6 dao5 種瓜得瓜,種豆得豆 (English) Whatever you sow, you harvest; if you sow melon, you harvest melon, and if you sow legume, you harvest legume.<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000291<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jieng5 gieng1 曾經 (English) to have the experience of<> (Word/Phrase) experience<> t000292<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jieng5 hong1 jia6 co6 爭風喫醋 (English) to be jealous of one another<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000293<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jieng5 li4 真理 (English) truth, the truth<> (Word/Phrase) religion<> t000294<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) jieng5 sin3 jio1 zai5, jieng1 sin3 jio1 wen4 精神足支, 精神足穩 (English) very steady in temperament, very solid spiritually<> (Word/Phrase) good<> t000584<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jim1 a4 今子 (English) now<> (Word/Phrase) time<> t000295<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jin5 8jia4 si5 真正是 (English) in truth, in reality<> (Word/Phrase) real<> t000296<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jin5 hieng3 人形 (English) the human shape, the human figure, the human image, an idol<> (Word/Phrase) shape<> t000297<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) jio1 cu4 bhi5, 8jia5 cu4 bhi5 足趣味,極趣味,真趣味 (English) very interesting<> (Word/Phrase) interesting<> t000033<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) jio1 giong3 e5 足強的 (English) very powerful, very strong<> (Word/Phrase) strong<> t000034<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) jio1 he1 se6, 8jia5 he1 se6, jio1 ga4 yi6 足好勢,真好勢,足愜意 (English) extremely satisfactory, extremely satisfied<> (Word/Phrase) pleased<> t000035<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jiong1 wu6 7ji6 7ji1 終有一日 (English) There will be the day.<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000491<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jiong4 (ji1 mui6 8hia5 di5) 眾(姐妹兄弟) (English) Sisters and brothers<> (Word/Phrase) family<> t000298<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jiong4 wui5 眾位 (English) Everybody<> (Word/Phrase) people<> t000299<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jiong5 wun1 man1 diong3, jiong5 wun1 man1 ze6 榮恩滿堂 (English) Grace be among you. Grace be with you. Grace be filling the house.<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000300<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jiong5 yao6 hieng5 siong5 榮耀形容 (English) in one's splendor, such as 'in His splendor' or 'in God's splendor'<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000304<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) jiong6 siong6 bun1 bhe5 jieng4, nam5 ghi3 dong5 zu6 giong3. 將相本無種,男兒當自強。 (English) Gene does not determine if one is to be a general or a prime minister; one must try her best to lead a successful life.<> (Word/Phrase) idiom<> t000585<> T<-> t

(Taiwanese) Jiu6 bhe1, de6 bhe1 就要 (English) to be about to<> (Word/Phrase) about<> t000306<> T<-> t

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