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(Taiwanese Pingyin/Hanzi 台語拼音/漢字) ang5 gu1 (ang5 guan5 gong1, be6 lao5 7bi5, o5 di5 hui1, zao1 hi4 7bhi5) 紅龜(紅關公,白劉備,烏張飛,跑去避)

(English 英文) red steamed bun (a very popular children's riddle makes use of the three historical figures romanitized by the classic novel '三國演義 Romance of The Three Kingdoms'; one of them had red skin, another white, and yet another dark, which are the three colors of a steamed bun: red crust, white bread, and black stuffing.)

*** Expressions such as this one are usually not used by novice Mandarin/Taiwanese learners. Understand and use them in appropriate context, people will be surprised.